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Tips for Nokia Symbian phones


Tips for Nokia Symbian phones

1. Tips for Nokia Symbian phones

2. If you want to delete multiple SMS, simply hold the edit button (pencil key), scroll down, and then, press C to delete all the marked SMS. The edit button can also be used to copy/paste text; simply hold it and scroll across, choose copy/paste.
3. To make sure that no memory-resident programs start when you reboot your phone, hold down the pencil key when you turn on the phone and hold it on until you have to enter your PIN code or the phone’s main screen comes up.
4. In standby mode, 45# gets the number on your sim in memory slot 45 to the dial screen; 50# brings the number on slot 50 and so on.
5. Enter three zeros on the keypad while in the text message (SMS) editor. The cursor will jump down to the next line. This allows you to make a new line or “paragraph” in a message easily.
6. Always use the latest PC suite as the manufacturers are always making improvements in the new versions.
7. Long-pressing ‘1′ key on the idle screen will dial your voice message number.
8. Long-pressing ‘0′ key will launch the default Web browser.
9. Long-pressing the media key will launch the default music player application.
10. After writing a message, you can actually just press call key to send message (no need to select Options | Send menu).
11. To select text, just hold down the text (pencil) key and move the cursor using the joystick. Next, press the pencil key and you would get options to cut and copy the selection. Then go to where you want to paste the text (even other applications), press the pencil key and select paste.
12. To set up proxy for WiFI Go to Menu, Tools, Settings, Connection, Access Points, select the access point in question and then to get to the proxy details, press ‘Options’ and choose Advanced settings. Here you can put in IPv4 and IPv6 settings, the proxy server address and port number.
13. To install any compatible Series 60 3rd edition programs whether they are signed or not go to Tools > app manger > options > settings and set Software installations to ‘All’ and online certificate check to ‘off’.
14. You can change the number of stored messages by going into ‘Messages > Settings > other (Nokia E-series phones ).
15. To change shortcuts in the active standby in Series 60 3rd edition phones, go to ‘Tools > Settings > Phone > Standby mode > Active standby apps and change each to your choice of application.
16. In the web browser the ‘#’ key zooms out to show more of a web page, ‘*’ zooms back in again. ‘8′ brings up the mini-Map, ‘1′ gives you bookmarks, while ‘5′ switches Windows.
17. In Gallery/Images, ‘3′ rotates images, ‘*’ toggles full-screen on/off, while ‘5′ zooms in and ‘0′ zooms out.
18. In Gallery/Video clips, ‘2′ toggles full-screen playback and navigator-up fast forwards within a clip.
19. Hold down the # key to toggle between the silent and general profile.
20. When in Calendar, ‘*’ key toggles between the various views
21. In E-series phones, press the blue function key and the Ctrl key together to enable Bluetooth.

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Note: If you want to contribute to this website in any section kindly send us the Content/Links using Contact Us . We surely include the content in our website